Casement Windows

Armaclad Casement Windows

Modernize. Dramatize. Maximize. The Encore Casement window is the clean, clutter-free way to create a clean, contemporary look that makes an attractive architectural statement.

Our casement window series boasts high performance coupled with a contemporary style to fit any architectural demand. Utilizing probably the most advanced, reliable and heavy-duty hardware, the Casement operates effortlessly. For that utmost in comfort, energy efficiency and security, a multi-point locking system keeps the double weather-stripped window closed tightly from the elements with one simple operation. The window conveniently cranks out to 90 degrees for easy cleaning in the inside and for maximum ventilation. The Encore Casement features folding handles so there’s never interference with or limitation to interior window treatments.

The Encore fixed Casement may be the perfect, aesthetic match for the operating Casement when used like a multiple window unit.

Fusion Welded

Fusion welded frame and beveled sash supply the ultimate in strength, weather tightness and a beautiful appearance each inside and out. Multi-point locking system keeps the window tightly sealed from the elements with one simple operation.


Double weather stripping virtually eliminates atmosphere and water infiltration. Tubular strength, multi-hollow construction traps air and offers superior insulation and sound reduction.

Low Profile

Low profile folding handle enables various interior window treatments without any interference from the manage. Choose from a variety of high performance glass deals to solar-tune any home.

Service Four

Choose from a variety of high performance glass deals to solar-tune any home. Eco-Friendly 100% Virgin PVC Formula for optimum strength, color fastness, structural integrity and weather-ability.

Offered in 3 Standard Colors (white, beige, cocoa), 3 wooden veneers (cherry, light oak, dark oak), and 11 standard fresh paint colors. Custom Paint Colors are also available upon ask for Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty Choose from our wide variety of solid colors, paint colors, wood-grains, and upgrade hardware finish options. Note: This information may be outdated since Armaclad has closed down operations please call us for information for our other distributors.

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