Patio Sliding Door Repair Chicago

Patio Sliding Door Repair

Has your patio door glass seal failed or is the door getting increasingly harder to open? The Grand Repair provides complete Chicago patio sliding door repair, replacement and new tempered glass solutions.

Have an issue with your sliding patio door?

We provide many Chicago Area Services:

  • Patio Sliding Door Screen Replacements/Re-screens/Rollers
  • Aluminum Sliding Door Roller Replacement
  • New Tracks, Locking Mechanisms, Handles & Wheels
  • Glass Patio Sliding Door Roller & Wheel Replacements
  • Patio Sliding Door Glass Replacements
  • French Door Glass Replacements

Are you having complications and require Chicago patio sliding door repair? We can assist you with many on site repair services such as fixing your track, replacing your bad patio door wheels, removing and replacing a broken handle or locking mechanism. We can come out to your location in Chicago & the surrounding suburbs to fix your patio sliding door.

Sliding Patio Door Rollers

One of the more common issues we repair is the wheels which can become corroded, damaged or fall off the track. It is also possible that your wheels can have just been worn out over time. Getting one of our team members to come out on site remove your door and take off your old patio door rollers and add in a new replacement roller assembly will fix your issue. Our licensed and insured team can replace your rollers on several types of sliding doors such as sliding aluminum doors, screen doors and glass doors.

Maybe your sliding door gets stuck or stops on the door tracks, possibly causing the door to budge outwards.

When you call The Grand Repair, you can be rest assured that we will quickly fix your roller sliding problem or fix a door that is sliding off the track. Your track may also be corroded or have dirt in the track or roller assembly causing the rollers to get “stuck” or making it so it will not open at all. We can replace distorted rails, tracks and rollers for nearly any manufacturer for patio sliding doors.

Sliding Door Insulated Glass

Our team can fix your sliding glass door easily new track systems, rollers and new patio sliding door tempered glass units. We also can provide a 24/7 emergency service repair and replacement for your homes, apartments, condos & small businesses. When you need a sliding glass patio door repaired or even the glass replaced we provide quality glass installation and exceptional services. We have team members ready to fix your sliding patio doors quickly and efficiently.

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