Encore Double Hung

Encore Double Hung

Lasting beauty, timeless style and unmatched performance make the Encore Double Hung window an ideal choice.

Inside and out, from the smooth, clean interior turn to the decorative beveled exterior, this window makes a stylish declaration about home and lifestyle.

In addition to the classic inside and outside beauty from the window, you’ll be pleased with the smooth operation and capability to tilt in the window for easy cleaning. The Encore window series may be designed not only for timeless aesthetic appeal, but also for that ultimate in state-of-the-art performance.

Manufactured with computer precision, you are guaranteed a virtually maintenance-free window which will perfectly fit in the window opening. Every window is custom made for every single home and need. We never use a stock size window to deal with a custom size opening! Imagination can enhance the window much more with options such as internal grids or interior wood grain laminates for that warm look of wood without the expense and warping.

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