Armaclad Classic Garden Window

1. Custom-sized to fit

2. Furniture Grade 1 1/8″ hardwood veneer seat and side jamb construction (oak or birch)

3. Pre-insulated seat for maximum thermal efficiency. Super Seat results in an R-value of 9.0 and seats project 18″ from exterior wall for maximum area to display plants and collectibles.

4. Fusion welded frame & sash construction. Heavy-duty PVC frames provide warmth and are completely maintenance-free. Fusion welded design ensures a sturdier frame and eliminates the possibility of miter separation.

5. Contemporary trapezoid flanker windows – provides maximum light and ventilation. Venting casements include stainless steel hinges and heavy duty multi-point hardware. Aluminum reinforced sash provides additional stability. All screens feature extruded frames and fiberglass screening.

6. Variety of insulated glass packages – clear, LowE & Argon, Double LowE & Argon, triple glazing, plus colonial, diamond, or narrow brass grids as well as V-Groove decorator glass are available in the center picture window.

7. Shelving Unit is standard. Tempered glass shelf is standard on units up to 50″ in width, and PVC powder-coated wire shelf is standard on units over 50″.

8. Optional DuPont Corian Seat is impact resistant. The ¼” Corian is impervious to water and scratching, available in Cameo White and 5 decorator colors.

9. Plastic laminate interiors – available on only the seat or the entire interior. Totally maintenance-free, the high-pressure man-made veneers are scratch resistant and not affected by plants or water spills. Three wood grain patterns and two solid colors are available in stock, and custom laminates are available on special order.

10. Hardwood interior casing – variety of elegant oak and maple hardwood interior casing is available and coordinates with the wood type of the garden window.

11. Edge banding – hardwood veneer laminated to the front edge of the plywood. Edge banding allows interior casing to be installed with a Reveal.

12. Pre-stained or painted and sealed interior – interior wood components are available pre-stained or painted and include a protective lacquer topcoat. Provides a near furniture-grade finish, eliminating finishing work by the homeowner. Includes premium custom stain or paint with pre-catalyzed lacquer topcoat. Units are shipped with touch-up containers of stain or paint and sealer.

13. Pre-finished exterior knee braces – garden windows in excess of 37″ in width should be supported with external knee braces. The knee braces are color coordinated with a durable, maintenance-free, epoxy finish and are available in both standard or deluxe styles.

Note: This information may be outdated since Armaclad has closed down operations please call us for information for our other distributors.

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