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Armaclad is proud to introduce our Commercial Fiberglass Window System. This unique architecturally-designed pultruded fiberglass window system features all the advantages of other systems…without the disadvantages. These commercially rated windows are 2x stronger than steel and 9x stronger than vinyl units. Due to the low rate of expansion and contraction the units withstand wide fluctuation of heat and cold and virtually eliminate seal failures.

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Commercial Fiberglass Selection Guide

Commercial Window Products Index

Commercial Double Hung Product Specifications

Commercial Slider Product Specifications

Commercial Picture Window Product Specifications

Commercial Casement Product Specifications

Commercial Casement Picture Window Specifications

Commercial Awning Window Specifications

Impact Window Specifications & Dimensional Data

Installation & Accessory Components Technical Manual Index

Installation & Accessory Components-Commercial Double Hung

Installation & Accessory Components-Commercial Slider

Installation & Accessory Components-Commercial Picture Window

Installation & Accessory Components-Commercial Casement

Installation & Accessory Components-Commercial Casement Picture Window Installation & Accessory Components-Commercial Awning Window Insertable CAD Drawings in ZIPped Files (get the free ZIP Genius here) Insertable CAD Files Index Series 1000 – Double Hung Series 1002 – 1003 – Slider Series 1001 – Picture Window Series 1012 – Casement Picture Window Series 1010 – Single Vent Casement Series 1011 – Awning Panning and Accessories Pre-Set Contoured Panning Options Interior Trim Assembly Options.

Note: This information may be outdated since Armaclad has closed down operations please call us for information for our other distributors.

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