Bay and Bow

Armaclad Bay and Bow Windows

Our Bay & Bow Systems are custom made to fit your exact window size, eliminating all of those hidden costs and the chance of the job looking like an afterthought. We offer a variety of angles and degrees in order to give you a window with maximum seat projection to show off your plants and accent items.

Our Bays & Bows are available with casement, double hung or picture window style windows, so we can give you the look and operation that you want that best fits the style of your home.

The head, seat and side jambs are constructed utilizing 1 ¼” furniture-grade hardwood veneer. Our system is 67% thicker and stronger and the quality of the veneer is far superior to many other systems. We use the finest hardwood veneered plywood in the industry and is hand selected for us at the mills. Available in either oak or birch to best match your homes current woodwork. The completed bay or bow window becomes the focal point of any room, taking on the appearance of a fine piece of furniture, enhancing the room’s appearance and spaciousness.

For maximum thermal efficiency, all of our bay & bow windows come with our Pre-Insulted Super Seat. We start with ¾” exterior grade plywood as our bottom surface and then laminate a 1″ high density polyisocyanurate insulator board (Dow Tuff R) to the plywood. The interior surface is then completed with the 1 ¼” oak or birch hardwood. The Super Seat is 3″ thick and has an R-value of 9.0.

On our wood bays and bows, we use a solid wood mullion design that is actually lag bolted to the head and seat for maximum strength and support. This unique design is made out of Timberstrand laminated lumber. Timberstrand is 25% stronger than standard wood and will never warp or twist like typical ponderosa pine. The interiors of our bay and bow windows can be completed using an optional custom colonial style hardwood casing. This casing will be oak or birch, coordinated with the type of wood you chose for the window. The interior of our bays and bows become the focal point of any room and will have the appearance of a fine piece of furniture.

Edge Banding – The interior edge of the oak or birch hardwood veneer is available with a finished edge. The finished edge will allow for the interior casings to be installed with a Reveal.

Factory Finish – Bay and bow frames, casings and window stops are available pre-finished. Our pre-finish includes staining/painting all interior wood and then sealing with a protective coat of lacquer. Frames are shipped with touch-up stain/paint, sealer and a color coordinated putty stick.

Plastic Laminate Interior – Bay and bow frames are available with a plastic laminate interior. The man-made material provides a maintenance-free surface that is scratch resistant and impervious to water. Available in two designs: plastic laminate seat only or plastic laminate seat, head and side jambs. Also available in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as custom colors and patterns by simply specifying manufacture name, color and color number.

DuPont Corian Seats – Bay and bow windows are now available with a ¼” DuPont Corian Seat. Adding beauty and durability, Corian is scratch resistant and impervious to water. Available in Cameo White and five decorator colors. Interior casing can be installed to provide inlaid or insert appearance.

The exterior of the window is clad in vinyl, completely maintenance free and will never need painting.

To ensure that our windows will never droop or sag we also use an adjustable turn-buckled cable support system. We anchor a 6″ Eyehook lag bolt to the top of the window and another to either your present roof overhang or the house wall. The cables are attached to the turnbuckle and then it is adjusted to the precise pitch. We also have a pre-finished external knee brace for applications in which there isn’t enough room for the cabled support system.

Pre-finished exterior knee braces – exterior mounted knee braces are recommended for applications in which there is not enough height between the top of the bay/bow window and the house soffit.

Low voltage, recessed lighting – enhance the beauty of the bay or bow window through direct lighting. Illuminate plants, accent items and the window frame & seat. Wood bay and bow windows are available with one, two or three recessed lights. Decorative Trim Ring is available in three finishes – brushed nickel, polished brass or white – and the lens is available clear or frosted.

Note: This information may be outdated since Armaclad has closed down operations please call us for information for our other distributors.

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